Smart attendance for the internet age.

We provide a technology based approach to making self-directed study blocks meaningful learning experiences.

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Spotlight is a digital interface that provides administrators, teachers and students with powerful tools for self-directed study blocks.

For Administrators


Transitioning from a paper-based ledger can be difficult. Spotlight enables the process of switching to a computer-based system easy via the cloud.


All the student data is stored in Focustime's Canada based encrypted servers, ensuring student data is safe under lock and key.

Better Data

Spotlight allows for administrators to zoom in on the classroom, getting data on how students and teachers are using their time during self-directed blocks.

For Teachers

Stay on Track

Spotlight allows teachers to schedule around self-directed blocks and streamline their weeks and months ahead, no planner necessary.

Peace of Mind

Both organizing and administering students during self-directed blocks can be a hassle for teachers. With Spotlight, students are instructed and notified for where they need to be to ensure a seamless transition to a new block.

Student Data

Spotlight enables teachers to reflect on their students habits during self-directed blocks, allowing for direction on what to study next, or what to focus on for the coming weeks.

For Students

Habit Building

Self directed blocks replicate the experience of post-secondary school. With Spotlight, we help students keep on task and prepare them for future learning.


Spotlight offers a look back into the past, see what was missed weeks prior with ease with clear and concise logs of your self-directed blocks.

Ease of Use

With Spotlight, students are able to check in using their mobile device and dive right into the work at hand.


Just ask some of our existing clients how Spotlight is working for them!

The opportunity for students to have focus time that is their choice within their school day to actually get work done is such a gift. This is the perfect solution where they have responsibility and we are able to account for their time as we need to required by ministry but still gives them the flexibility of choice.

Melanie Paas

Vice Principal - Oak Bay Secondary

For us it's been amazing, we can run larger sessions where kids come in and it works like a charm. I like being able to schedule on our own months in advance and Spotlight allows me to do that. Additionally, our staff wanted to make sure that they could hold kids accountable for where they were and what they were doing and Spotlight manages that for us.

Mike Bobbitt

Vice Principal - Royal Bay Secondary

The great thing is that any teacher anywhere can check if a student has signed up for a block somewhere, it's a great feature to have. Student accountability has been great, with some students missing these blocks, teachers being able to look a student up and generate a report fixes a lot of problems for us.

Ciaran McLaverty

Vice Principal - St. Andrews

The best part about it for me is that it is a conversation starter. We have a duty to report to parents about this teaching time, and the data that Spotlight provides gives us the opportunity to do so. The students show up in a room, they scan in, its super easy to use and very consistent.

Scott Alexander

Teacher - Oak Bay Secondary

Looking back, I don't think student can imagine not having focus blocks, that extra time to get work done. Students are always busy with extra curriculars, and without these 40 minutes in their day they wouldn't be able to get it done. The great thing for students is the freedom to choose where they go, but at the same time teachers are able to monitor their choices and have those conversations with them.

Tim Spray

Teacher - Oak Bay Secondary

It's been called the gift of time at oak bay, to let kids do what they're excited about, what they're passionate about and to get the learning support that they need from teachers.
Spotlight is a great accountability mechanism. It's great being able to see where kids are going and to help kids plan out their days, and take responsibility for their learning.

Jeff Laird

Teacher - Oak Bay Secondary

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Our team is passionate about the core principles of education.


Vlad Lyesin

Chief Executive Officer

Vlad is the CEO at Focustime. Having worked with students in the past, Vlad understands the challenges put forward in educational environment. His idea of great education software brings together the needs of not just administrators and teachers, but also students. He firmly believes that self-directed blocks are a stepping stone to success in higher education.


Curtis Upshall

Chief Technical Officer

Curtis is the CTO and full-stack developer at Focustime. Curtis enjoys the technical challenge of meeting the boutique needs of schools. With technical abilities varying web technologies, Curtis makes our applications hassle-free and easy to use. A programmer at heart, Curtis founded focustime on the idea that technology can empower educations.


If you have any questions about Spotlight or would like to book a demo, get in contact with us!

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